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Russia's Naryshkin Names MI6 as Training Ukrainian Nuclear Terrorists

Sergei Naryshkin. CC/Michał Koziczyński

The key points of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergey Naryshkin’s interview with Sputnik on Jan. 25 were summarized by Sputnik tweet: “Today, as the West is losing on Ukrainian soil, the probability of carrying out a variety of provocations is very high. The West will organize new provocations against Russia, but they will not have a long lasting effect, because lies are quickly exposed today. The crisis in Ukraine provoked by the Western bloc ‘gives many examples of the fact that the United States, United Kingdom, and their allies are ready to resort to the most heinous provocations in order to change the course of events in their favor.’ The collective West, is losing its hegemony, is rushing in rage like a wounded animal, lashing out in all directions, and this is very dangerous. The Anglo-Saxons, if they are not stopped, are ready to drag the rest of the world into the vortex of history.”

Then Sputnik tweeted later that evening: “Western security services, primarily UK intelligence service MI6, are training Ukrainian sabotage groups for provocations against nuclear power plants in Russia, Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Director Sergey Naryshkin said in an interview with Sputnik.

“‘I can give examples when Western security services, primarily British MI6, train Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups whose plans include carrying out provocations at nuclear power plants in the Russian Federation,’ Naryshkin said.

“According to reports, in 2023 Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups that were targeting some NPPs were neutralized in Russia.”

Naryshkin evidently singled out the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant and a nuclear facility in Kursk.

Xinhua’s coverage today recalled that in “September 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the detained members of one of those [Ukrainian] sabotage groups confessed that they were trained under the guidance of British instructors.”