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Russophobia Builds in Baltic Countries, Serving To Provoke Russian Reaction

In a statement during her weekly briefing yesterday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denounced the increasing repression in the Baltic countries of citizens with Russian backgrounds. She cited “The authorities in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the Kiev regime have achieved the most in this Russophobic race by proactively seeking to purge the Russian language from all educational institutions. This prevents a substantial portion of their population who use the Russian language as their mother tongue from accessing Russian-language education.”

Zakharova asserted that the Russian Foreign Ministry prioritizes the protection of Russian citizens’ rights abroad. “We will keep monitoring the situation and documenting discriminatory manifestations in foreign countries so as to draw the attention of those countries’ leaderships, both in bilateral and multilateral forms, to such offenses and to demand that they comply with their international legal obligations regarding our compatriots.”

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