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San Francisco Supervisors Call on Biden for Sustained Ceasefire and Life-Saving Aid

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 8-3 yesterday for “a sustained ceasefire, provision of life-saving humanitarian aid in Gaza, and the release of all hostages.” They added a further resolution to urge “the Biden Administration and Congress” to do the same. The full title of the resolution is, “Sustained Ceasefire in Gaza, Humanitarian Aid, Release of Hostages, and Condemning Antisemitic, Anti-Palestinian, and Islamophobic Rhetoric and Attacks”; San Francisco is just one of dozens of U.S. cities and municipalities that are considering similar resolutions.

Of some note, it opens with: “WHEREAS, All human life is precious, and the targeting of civilians is a violation of international humanitarian law” and includes a reference to the ongoing starvation and disease situation: “WHEREAS, Hundreds of thousands of lives are at imminent risk in Gaza without a sustained ceasefire and without massive humanitarian relief.”

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