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Saudi Arabia Reportedly Preparing To Reopen Its Embassy in Damascus

Saudi Arabia is set to resume activities at its embassy in Syria, less than a year after diplomatic ties were restored between the countries following President Bashar Al Assad’s return to the Arab fold, according to a Syrian source, reported Gulf Insider. “Within the next two days, there will be a return of the activities at the embassy. Right now there are names that have been assigned. The official reopening of the embassy has not happened yet, but in two days it will resume activities,” the source said.

A technical team from the Saudi Foreign Ministry reportedly arrived in Damascus to begin preparations for the reopening of the embassy, following up on the Arab League summit in Jeddah last year. A ministry source said “there are plans to finalize this very soon.”

The imminent re-opening of the Saudi embassy has also been noted inside of Syria where the opposition news outlet “Sawt Al-Asimah”—as translated and published by Syrian Observer online news agency—reported that according confidential sources, a team comprising Saudi diplomats and technicians landed in Damascus on Saturday, Jan. 20. Their immediate agenda involves setting up for the relaunch of both the Saudi Embassy and Consulate. In the coming days, Saudi technicians are expected to conduct thorough inspections of the buildings designated for the Kingdom’s diplomatic missions, in anticipation of their reopening.

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