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Harley Schlanger of the Schiller Institute was part of a panel on a 45-minute program on Jan. 3 on Iran Press TV, commemorating the fourth anniversary of the assassination in Baghdad of Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds leader Gen. Qassem Soleimani. Schlanger was asked questions, such as what did the U.S. hope to gain by killing him? Has this action backfired? How do you explain the U.S. decision, while supposedly waging a war against Daesh, to kill the most effective leader against Daesh?

Schlanger emphasized the factor of imperial arrogance, since the declaration in 1991 of the U.S. as the sole superpower. This led to a discussion of the U.S. support for Israeli genocide in Gaza. One guest said that the U.S. policymakers do not understand Iran, or the Muslim world, and keep making the same mistakes. What is the U.S. intent? he was asked. He answered by discussing the BRICS and the rejection of the rules-based order by the Global Majority, to which the two other guests concurred. He also said that people in the U.S. and Germany are becoming aware of the loss of credibility of Western leaders, and that the Schiller Institute is involved in building a peace movement to take power away from the military-financial complex oligarchs which control U.S. policy.

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