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‘South Africa’s Genocide Case Against Israel Is Imperfect but Persuasive; It May Win’

That is the headline on a Jan. 13 [Guardian article( by Kenneth Roth, who was the executive director of (Soros-linked) Human Rights Watch from 1993-2022, and is now a visiting professor at Princeton’s School for Public and International Affairs. Roth argued that South Africa and Israel presented versions of reality that hardly intersected: it was as if they were in different universes. “The absence of a factual hearing or any questioning left it unclear how the judges will resolve the dispute. Yet I would wager that South Africa’s case was strong enough that the court will impose some provisional measures on Israel in the hope of mitigating the enormous civilian harm caused by Israel’s approach to fighting Hamas.”

Roth also wrote that Israel’s “repeated invocation of Hamas’s horrible 7 October attack and alleged genocidal aspirations are irrelevant because atrocities by one side do not justify genocide by another. Its argument of self-defense is beside the point because a legitimate defense does not allow genocide.”