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Tens of Thousands March in Spain, Demanding It Come to the Defense of Gaza

The largest demonstrations yet in Spain against the ongoing genocide against Palestine overwhelmed the streets of many Spanish cities on Saturday. The protesters demanded that Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s government must take more decisive action to stop that genocide, specifically by Spain joining South Africa’s suit at the International Court of Justice against Israel, cutting off Spanish weapons and money to Israel, and breaking diplomatic relations with Israel.

Spain’s “Solidarity Network against the Occupation of Palestine” (Rescop) had called for simultaneous demonstrations across the country; marches were scheduled in 91 cities. The response was huge. Even the very-Establishment, Anglophile daily El País reported that, according to Rescop, 50,000 participated in Madrid (city officials, notorious for downplaying protests, halved the number to “only” 25,000); 60,000 in Barcelona; 50,000 in Valencia, and 15,000 each in Seville and Gijón.

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