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French Journalist Proclaims, the West Must Avoid a Break with the South

PARIS, Jan. 8 2024 (EIRNS)—Pierre Haski, a former journalist with Libération, has become a spokesman for those in the West, and in France in particular, who are trying to avoid at all costs a break with the Global South. In a chronicle to l’OBS, a weekly in the French Jewish liberal community, he gives his reading on the situation and proposes a solution for the West to become once again audible to the Global South.

Since the beginning of the Russian operation in Ukraine, he says, “the West is trying to save its relation to the countries of the South, unconvinced about the sincerity of their discourse on international law. October 7 in Israel, and the events that followed in the Gaza Strip brought these efforts to an end: The break has occurred, and it is undoubtedly irreversible.” The public in the Global South, even more than their governments, have taken sides in favor of the Gaza population being killed by the bombs, and they turn to the West asking: “What happened with your speeches on law, war crimes and justice? … The unanimous message from the Global South and even of parts of the West, especially in the U.S., is ‘don’t give us any more moral lessons.’”

The West has only itself to blame: They turned away from the Palestinian question for two decades, tried to eliminate it through separate deals between Israel and Arab states, and today, they are providing Israel with the ammunition to eliminate the Palestinians. To that one must add twice vetoing UN resolutions for a ceasefire. All of this makes their “criticism” of the Israeli strategy totally incomprehensible in the eyes of the world.

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