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There Is No Option But for a Big Change To Occur

"Good Defeats Evil" Statue at the United Nation, New York. Credit: UN Photo/Manuel Elías

Last week’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling in The Hague has put the world dynamic into stark relief. It was always a misnomer to discuss the war in Gaza as merely an issue of Israel’s occupation and the ensuing response to that by Hamas. While that certainly plays a factor, it is a managed factor, a mere player on the stage of a poorly-directed drama. But it is directed, nonetheless.

This is the true subject of the ICJ’s ruling last week—not Israel’s committing of a genocide in Gaza, but the conscious condoning of that genocide by the directing party, which at the same time cloaks itself in the veil of civility and moral leadership. The Anglo-American establishment and its “rules-based order” stands indicted, unruly, before the world, more blatantly than ever before.

In an entirely lawful fashion, this is happening amidst near-pandemonium coming from every direction. Across Europe a protest-movement is growing, of farmers and producers finally asserting that “enough is enough” regarding policies which are pushing them toward extinction. At the other end of the spectrum is an out of control migrant crisis gripping both Europe and the United States, with little in the way of actual solutions being proposed. Both crises, however, are the result of the same genocidal, anti-growth policies, only in different manifestations.

At the same time, NATO’s war in Ukraine has reached a dead-end, not only with Ukraine’s collapsing logistics, but also with the support of its allies. “Allies” here is a term taking on an all-new meaning. The latest in this drama is a new document revealing broad support within the EU to blackmail Hungary, including collapsing its markets, currency, lending opportunities, and job market. In addition, after blowing up Germany’s Nord Stream pipelines in September 2022 and making Europe hugely dependent on U.S. energy, the Biden Administration is now considering limiting LNG contracts for exports to allies in Europe and Asia! Again, the “robust” and “democratic” West is shown to be a farce.

Combined with these developments, last week’s enormous victory at the ICJ puts the spotlight on the need for an airing of the dirty laundry and rotten thinking of Western leaders—a fact no longer able to be ignored. Is this the reason for the recent allegations by Israel regarding the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)—allegations which have now scared 14 nations into pulling funding for the largest humanitarian aid organization in Gaza? Is this the next trick up the sleeves of those attempting to dodge the bullet currently headed at them—now making it literally impossible to stop a genocide?

Dirty and deadly tricks are common fare among the enemies of a prosperous mankind today. Nonetheless, no matter what is done to try and squirm out of this situation, the world’s attention has been irrevocably turned to the ruling by the ICJ and the hypocrisy of those preaching about international law. On Jan. 31, the United Nations Security Council will discuss putting the ICJ ruling into “binding effect,” putting on the table whether or not the U.S. will again be the sole veto against a ceasefire and stopping a genocide.

In a discussion with associates today, Helga Zepp-LaRouche insisted that we must force the issue, and be laser-focused on putting this stark reality into the limelight for the world. Don’t let them wiggle out of it—all organizing must go toward holding the U.S.’s feet to the fire to prevent a veto at the Security Council. Another veto by the U.S. is now a vote for the genocide of Palestinians. How many Americans approve of this? How many elected officials approve? How many governments around the world will continue standing with the U.S. now?

Zepp-LaRouche concluded by saying that the situation is really coming to a head, and governments are increasingly being faced with the prospect of changing or falling. “So it’s coming down to the moment where the big change has to occur. A new paradigm has to occur.”