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There’s No Hiding Place Down There—Only a New System Will Work

Carnage in Gaza. CC/Physicians for Human Rights

After over 100 days of carnage in Gaza, wherein the Biden Administration has performed never-before-seen acrobatics in their attempts to defend Israel’s brutal assault on Palestinians, Secretary of State Blinken finally let the truth slip out. During a panel discussion at the Davos World Economic Forum Wednesday, Jan. 17, Blinken admitted that U.S. policy in Southwest Asia is not actually to defend Israel’s security interests, it’s certainly not to defend Palestinians or a two-state solution, and it’s not to help the region as a whole to develop economically and improve the quality of life of its people. Rather, it is simply to isolate Iran, and play the game of geopolitics in attempting to maintain the image of “American leadership.”

For anyone who hasn’t already discovered the underlying issue at play in the ongoing conflict in Palestine, this should be a revealing statement. Biden and Blinken are not simply beholden to “right-wing extremists” in the U.S. and Israel, they are beholden to a mental disease known as geopolitics, which controls the thinking of today’s Western leadership—right and left alike. People and nations are not seen as human beings, but rather as pawns and assets to be moved around on a global chess board to achieve the desired, if ugly, result. The death in Gaza might be difficult, according to Blinken, but there’s no other option.

Speaking at the same World Economic Forum, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg revealed a similarly depraved view in regard to China and the BRICS dynamic. “It’s not that we’re moving closer to China, it’s that China is moving closer to us!” he exclaimed, pointing to their supposedly malicious actions in Africa and beyond, building dangerous things like “critical infrastructure.” Of course, Stoltenberg intones, we’re just going to have to expand our militaries further to protect the interests of global peace and security.… This, of course, is the real driver for the drama around Taiwan.

This policy is rigorously indoctrinated into Western leadership by all major institutions, with few exceptions, providing the enforcement mechanism for today’s ongoing policy of neocolonialism. Its followers are disconnected from the actual needs, wants, and thoughts of the populations they supposedly govern or provide “leadership” for, since their loyalties are fundamentally to something else.

It is this sub-human mentality which is now being soundly rejected by populations around the world. The two recent cases—South Africa’s standing up against genocide at the International Court of Justice, and the farmer protests in Germany which now are spreading across Europe—show this clearly, and shed light on the commonality of mankind’s struggle against this particularly insidious depravity. And the simple recognition of this is making them very, very desperate.

In her weekly live discussion Wednesday, Helga Zepp-LaRouche stressed that those neocolonialists are actually in the minority, and the rest of the world is moving in a completely different direction:

“The Global Majority are 85% of the world population, and they’re determined to go for a new economic system which allows the economic development of all of them. They are working with China, because its rise has given them an alternative to the Western neoliberal imperial model. And rather than saying: ‘How can we talk to these countries, how can we cooperate and solve the problems of the world together?’ the West is trying to keep its unipolar position, which they have, in any case, lost irreversibly already, but they don’t want to admit that.”

What’s needed, Zepp-LaRouche emphasized, is solidarity and action. We obviously need an immediate ceasefire, peace conference, two-state solution, and an Oasis Plan for Southwest Asia—but we need more than that. People should support the farmers, recognize that their fight is against the same structures and system which is responsible for so many other evils in the world, and activate your heart to find a common, universal cause which must lift up mankind and reject the old and petty ways of geopolitics.

She concluded by saying: “We need to move to a completely new paradigm of working together as the one humanity and stopping the idea that Russia, China and the Global South are the ‘enemy’ of mankind, because they are not.”