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Top Israeli Former National Security Officials: Netanyahu Is an Existential Threat Israel

Some 43 senior former Israeli national security officials, celebrated scientists and prominent business leaders demand the removal from the office of Prime Minister, Benjiman Netanyahu because he poses an “existential” threat to the security of Israel. The demand was made in a letter addressed to Israel’s President Isaac Herzog and the Speaker of the Knesset Amir Ohana on July 25 and 26 respectively.

. The letter slams Netanyahu’s ultra right wing coalition government as well as his highly controversial efforts to overhaul Israel’s judiciary that they say led to security lapses that resulted in the October 7 attacks.

“We believe that Netanyahu bears primary responsibility for creating the circumstances leading to the brutal massacre of over 1,200 Israelis and others, the injury of over 4,500, and the kidnapping of more than 230 individuals, of whom over 130 are still held in Hamas captivity,” it reads. “The victim’s blood is on Netanyahu’s hands.”

“Leaders of Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas,” the letter continues, “openly praised what they correctly saw as a destabilizing and erosive process of Israel’s stability, led by Netanyahu, and seized the opportunity to harm and damage Israel’s security.”

The letter accuses Netanyahu of refusing to take responsibility for the October 7 attacks, instead “blaming others and inciting against those who had fought to save the Israeli democracy from his destructive actions and plans, and now mobilize whole heartedly to support Israel’s national war efforts.” It also accuses Netanyahu of undermining the Palestinian National Authority by supporting Hamas

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