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Top Polish Diplomat Wants More Missiles for Ukraine and More Sanctions on Russia

Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski, who did a stint at the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute in Washington in the 1990s, is doing his part to stir up the war against Russia in Ukraine. Yesterday, Sikorski, in a posting in X/twitter made in response to the waves of Russian drones and missiles targeting Ukrainian military targets in recent days, called on the West to tighten sanctions against Russia and provide Ukraine with long-range missiles to strike Russian launch sites, reported Polish Radio. He wrote that the international community “should respond to the latest onslaught on Ukraine” by “tightening sanctions,” so that Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot make new weapons with smuggled components.” Sikorski also called on the West to supply Ukraine with “long range missiles that will enable it to take out launch sites and command centers.”

Sikorski took his proposal to EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell, who reported that he had had a “good discussion” with Sikorski. “We shared increasing concerns over intensified Russian air attacks against Ukraine civilian infrastructure,” said Borrell. “We agreed on the need to enhance our military support to Ukraine, including with long-range and anti-aircraft missiles.”

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