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Türkiye and Malaysia Back South Africa’s Case against Israel’s Genocide

International Court of Justice. CC/ Dennis Jarvis

The governments of Türkiye and Malaysia took a large step by announcing their support for the South African government’s application to the International Court of Justice in The Hague, asking that Israel be investigated for committing crimes of genocide against the people of Palestine. It appears that Indonesia may also be supporting this action. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation already endorsed the action and it appears that Indonesia may also be supporting this action. A spokesperson for the South African Foreign Ministry told the Jan. 3 Jerusalem Post that it expects other countries to soon follow Türkiye and Malaysia’s lead and back its case.

South Africa alleged on Dec. 29 that Israel’s conduct in Gaza violates its obligations under the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide by both committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, and by failing to prevent it, including by failing to hold senior Israeli officials and others accountable for their direct and public incitement to genocide. The South African application concluded by requesting a series of “provisional measures,” including that Israel immediately suspend its military operations in Gaza. The first hearing is scheduled to be at the ICJ in The Hague on January 11-12.

Türkiye’s Foreign Ministry said it backed South Africa’s genocide claim against Israel over its military operation in Gaza. “It is expected that within the framework of this application, the ICJ will decide on provisional measures involving those to stop Israel’s attacks on Gaza,” the Jan. 3 Jerusalem Post quoted Türkiye’s Foreign Ministry as saying.

Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Öncü Keçeli said on Jan. 3 that those responsible for killing tens of thousands of Gazans since Oct. 7 “must be held accountable before international law…. Israel’s murder of more than 22,000 Palestinian civilians, the majority of whom were women and children, in Gaza for nearly three months should not go unpunished in any way,” Keçeli said. “We hope that the process will be completed as soon as possible.”

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