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Ukraine’s Former Prosecutor General Claims 500,000 Have Died in War

While estimates have been tossed around since the start of the Ukrainian war, the total number of casualties have been difficult to come by on either side. However Yuriy Lutsenko, former Ukrainian Prosecutor General (2016-2019) and commander in the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the conflict with Russia, has claimed in an interview that 500,000 have died so far in the war.

“I think that they should name the number of dead Ukrainians. I know that they don’t want this, and it will be taken seriously. Yes, it will be a shock,” he said in an interview with Ukrainian YouTube channel Direct, according to Russia’s RIA Novosti.

“We must honestly say that the 500,000 that are now being talked about if divided into months, is 30,000 a month, and then we will approximately understand what is happening at the front,” he said.

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