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Russia’s publication Argumenti i Fakti reports a major destabilization attempt of Belarus by the Ukrainian secret services, backed by a British-Polish intelligence network which was unraveled by Belarus authorities. The call sign of the operation was “Mongoose,” which was also the name of the operation conducted by the CIA against Cuba in the 1960s. Local residents they recruited helped bring in weapons and drones for the operation. The mission is said to have involved the destruction of oil refineries, the murder of government officials and journalists, all in an attempt to distract Russia from its military campaign in Ukraine. The weapons were hidden in caches in the forest.

The Ukrainian agent, Vyacheslav Borodii and his Belarus accomplice, Sergei Nevmerzhitsky, were recruited on the basis of drug addiction, the report says. Nevmerzhitsky was a known gun-runner. Konstantin Bychek, the deputy head of the investigative division of the Belarus KGB said that they both were trained in special training centers of the Ukrainian special services.