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Power Experts Warn, Lack of U.S. Infrastructure Could Black Out New England in Northeast Storm

A winter storm is bearing down on the U.S. Northeast as of this weekend: Electricity and natural gas experts warn that the weather event, or the one thereafter, might cause the “Big Freeze” that’s bound to happen, due to the region’s lack of power infrastructure. At the December 2023 monthly virtual press briefing of the U.S. Energy Association, an energy writer for Forbes attended and published warnings from the power experts (Dec. 18, 2023).

The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America issued a prepared statement warning, “The United States needs more natural gas pipeline capacity to maintain a resilient system that affords homes and the power grid access to multiple sources of this critical fuel.” The Association said that the United States “must have 24,000 miles of new gas pipelines by 2035, but we are planning for much less,” according to Forbes.

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