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World Food Program in Palestine Confronted U.S.'s Blinken on Starvation Crisis

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken stopped by a World Food Program warehouse that stores canned food for Gaza. The WFP acting country director for Palestine Laura Turner stated, prior to meeting with Blinken, that the conflict had to end, that Israel had to open the borders for the desperately needed aid, and that Blinken needs to accomplish this.

The Times of Israel quoted Turner: “That’s where the population is that we haven’t been able to access for six weeks and we’re most concerned about.” She added that aid cannot even get to the northern area, due to the desperation of starving Palestinians in the south seizing the shipments.

TOI reported that, “in a camp for displaced people in Rafah, southern Gaza, some Palestinians called on Blinken to live up to U.S. calls for a two-state solution to the conflict.” TOI quoted a 76-year-old displaced man Moussa al-Atawneh as saying, “We hope that it is a visit for our benefit, for peace’s benefit, and for the benefit of establishing a Palestinian state next to a Jewish state, in line with UN resolutions … and with what America has been calling for.”

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