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EIR Daily News • Tuesday, February 27, 2024

The Shasta dam in California. This could be the mission of the U.S. again. Credit: Photo by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

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Between Life and Catastrophe: Restoring the True Mission of the United States

by Stewart Battle (EIRNS) — Feb. 26, 2024

The world is entering the most dangerous period in modern history, and all stops are being pulled out in order to prevent a shift from taking place. There is a countdown to world war, and more people must be awakened to the danger and given a sense of how to resolve it.

The Ukrainian conflict is proof that, despite the glaring reality that the war cannot be won militarily, ideologues in Washington and London refuse to let that stop them, instead continuing to insist on Russia’s total “defeat.” A Feb. 25 article in the New York Times illustrates how there has in fact been a decade-long “shadow war in overdrive” between the U.S. and Russia, with the CIA having established deep networks in Ukraine which have helped with everything from assassinations to training the country’s current intelligence chief.

A Ukrainian MP has now reiterated a call for bringing nuclear weapons back to Ukraine—a statement which should not just be seen as coming from one lone madman, but rather that this kind of crazed rhetoric is being drummed up. Similarly, Germany’s Feb. 22 vote in the Bundestag to send “long-range weapons systems” to Ukraine is rightfully worrying many about the danger of bringing Germany, a NATO country, directly into the war if delivered. Even though their “Taurus” missiles have not been approved yet, it’s still moving us closer to the tripwire upon which Russia will be forced to respond.

Recent admissions of the coming failure of the Ukraine war, such as former Centcom spokesman Col. Joe Buccino and Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow Charles Kupchan, are useful and can help to cleanse people of some of their delusions. Another accusation that is going up in smoke is that leveled against Putin for the Feb. 16 death of the darling of the West, Alexey Navalny. Not only was his body returned to his family in a timely fashion, but also Ukraine’s military intelligence chief declared that “I may disappoint you, but we know he died from a blood clot.”

In discussion with associates today, Helga Zepp-LaRouche emphasized that if you take inventory of the major developments in the world, this year is shaping up to be a very volatile year. Brazilian President Lula da Silva is heading the G20, Hungarian President Viktor Orbán is heading the EU, Russia is heading the BRICS, and Trump is likely to win the U.S. election. So the landscape in the world is guaranteed to be in flux. Add to this the fragility of the financial system which could collapse at any moment, the plan to introduce a new reserve currency, and the BRICS nations continuing to become the dominant dynamic in the world. Taken together, it is clear that the whole world could shift in the direction of a new economic system—unless of course a nuclear war is started to prevent it.

Given this situation, Zepp-LaRouche said the following:

“The only rational thing people in the United States and Europe could do is to give up this godforsaken geopolitical disease whereby you have to defeat an enemy to win, to have a zero-sum game. ‘Either you win or I lose.’ This is a completely wrong conception and the universe does not work this way, because the universe is organized in an anti-entropic way, such that if you push innovation and you push higher orders of things, you are in cohesion with the laws of the universe. Therefore, the existence of win-win cooperation on the planet would be in cohesion with the laws of the universe, while the insistence on an entropic lose-lose or zero-sum game is simply not in reality with the laws of the universe. We have to bring the political and economic order on the planet in cohesion with the laws of the universe to get to a durable peace and durable existence of human civilization.”

This responsibility rests on the shoulders of those in the United States in particular, a nation which is currently giving its nod of acceptance to a genocide in Gaza. As in the case of the self-immolation of Airman Aaron Bushnell on Feb. 25, even the best and most patriotic young people in America do not see any options to stop the horror being carried out in their own name, though many desperately want and yearn for one. It is therefore the task of the LaRouche movement, through the Oasis Plan for Southwest Asia, to restore the humanity and mission of the United States—a nation whose true traditions must urgently be restored now.

Join us.


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