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Argentine Security Minister Orders Brutal Repression of Peaceful Protesters

Argentina’s Security Minister Patricia Bullrich ordered federal police and national gendarmes to brutally repress peaceful protesters who had gathered in front of the National Congress early this evening to protest provisions of President Javier Milei’s Omnibus bill, which was being discussed inside the Chamber of Deputies. Social organizations, trade unions, some leftist groups, and political organizations were met with a line of police in riot gear, accompanied by water trucks and armed with tear gas, which they used liberally.

Battleaxe Bullrich claimed that the protesters were violating her precious “security protocol,” a monstrosity she authored to prevent people from exercising their constitutional right to peacefully protest. If anyone steps foot in a street, he or she is subject to arrest or police brutality. But even people who stayed on the sidewalk were attacked. Several reporters who were on the scene to film and report on the event reported being shot with rubber bullets.

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