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VP of BRICS Alliance Calls for Trade in Local Currency

Vice President for Africa of the BRICS International Strategic Project Alliance, Ahoua Don Mello, called for countries to carry out trade in local currencies, in an interview with Sputnik Africa: Countries “must equip themselves with means that can allow them to trade in local currency [without the use of the dollar], because all these [Western] financial institutions have become sticks in the hands of the West. Since the reserves are made in dollars or in euros, these are their conditions that are imposed to be able to do international trade.” Countries should “use the local currency payment mechanism” to strengthen multipolarity. As for developing a BRICS common currency, he said, “these countries would have no reason not to move towards their own monetary institution.”

Based in Russia, the BRICS International Strategic Project Alliance ( is an autonomous non-profit organization founded in 2016 with the support of Russia’s foreign ministry. It has the goal of strengthening business, scientific, and cultural ties within BRICS, as well as improving global security.

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