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BRICS Finance Ministers Meet in Brazil; Independent Financial System on Agenda

Finance ministers and central bank governors of the expanded BRICS met today in São Paulo, Brazil, prior to the Feb. 28-29 G20 Finance Ministerial getting underway. It was the first in-person meeting of the top finance officials of the now-expanded BRICS, chaired by Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. The steps needed to create an independent BRICS financial system formed the central issue on the agenda.

EIR does not yet have a report on the meeting, but going into it, Siluanov gave a quick idea of the broad scope of what was to be discussed in an interview with Bloomberg Saudi Arabia TV, reported by TASS news agency. “In order for the BRICS countries to develop normally, we need to think about creating our own financial systems functioning independently of politics and ensuring trade relations between our countries,” Siluanov told the Saudi channel.

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