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Can the United States of Amnesia Remember the Purpose and Function of the Presidency?

Norman Rockwell, an early version of his Freedom of Speech painting

Yesterday, Presidents Day in the United States, the International Court of Justice began a six-day investigation. They are hearing a United Nations General Assembly request for an Advisory from the court regarding “Israeli practices affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People in the Occupied Territory, including East Jerusalem.” Though this differs from and precedes the action brought against Israel by South Africa on January 26, regarding the October 7 Hamas attack of last year, the intention of both actions is the same. Both seek to force the world to stop the massacre and deportation of 2 million people from Gaza, as Israel simultaneously illegally annexes (700,000 “settlers” on in the West Bank) and depopulates, in the name of the “ancient rule of law” reminiscent of the imperial law enforced by the very Roman Empire that destroyed Judaea and razed the Temple in 70 AD.

One properly-voiced phone call by the American President could, as has been demonstrated by Presidents Eisenhower and Reagan in the past, reverse the crime against humanity now underway in Southwest Asia. Instead, the role played by the United States Presidency, the most powerful executive institution in the world is, in this instance, most shameful. The Presidency once administered by Washington, the commander of the Revolutionary Army; by Abraham Lincoln, the central commander in the 1861-65 American War Against the Secession; and by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, head of the most powerful military force in the history of the world from 1941 until his death in 1945, has failed to act with justice towards the people of Gaza, the West Bank, the United States and the world.

There was an American that would have acted, had he been elected President, to have eliminated the possibility that the circumstance confronting the world in Gaza now could have even arisen. Lyndon LaRouche, in his very first of eight campaigns for the United States Presidency, pivoted his entire campaign on the idea of restoring equity to the world through the creation of an International Development Bank, a proposal which had first been presented to various leaders, including from Israel, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other nations in April of 1975. A later version of this original proposal was called “The Oasis Plan.” Now, a new video on the LaRouche Oasis Plan has been released, and a way must be found to ensure that a million-plus persons see that video and consider its implications for arriving both at an immediate, as well as a durable long-term blueprint for a just and prosperous peace, not only between Israelis and Palestinians, but also a peace that provokes the dismantling of Anglo-American killer operations in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan—Southwest Asia, the theater of operations for British intelligence agent Bernard Lewis, and his epigones, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and Samuel P. “Clash of Civilizations” Huntington.

The latter were all enemies of Presidential candidate LaRouche. There was good reason. About them, LaRouche said in a January 24, 2002 webcast: “You have a group in the United States, which have gathered around large institutions, powerful financial institutions … which have gathered around people like Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Samuel P. Huntington, and others. These people, with certain military figures included, set forth a policy in the 1950s, which is what Eisenhower and MacArthur warned against. It was called, in that time, a ‘utopian’ military policy. The idea was to set up an American-dominated, Anglo-American world empire, like the Roman Empire, based on the so-called professional soldier.

“Now, if you read the books and articles and discussions that these crumb-bums (if you want to give them the right name) have written, their policy is to eliminate the nation-state, set up a Roman-style world empire, under their rule, and create a military force, which, in point of fact, is modelled immediately on the Nazi Waffen-SS from the end of World War II: that is, troops recruited from all kinds of nations into a force, as a killer-force, to conduct perpetual war, just like the Waffen-SS. So, these guys are real Nazis. These are the utopians. These people are associated, as the H. Smith Richardson Foundation, and the Olin Institute and so forth, the American Enterprise Institute, and so on and so on—they are associated with wealthy financier institutions of the same type, from the United States, and from London, who put Hitler into power in Germany in 1933-1934, who made World War II inevitable. This is the enemy! It is the enemy within, and the enemy without is of minor significance compared to the enemy within.” [Emphasis in original.]

Note the recent alarming revelation supplied by journalist Tucker Carlson (whose interview with Vladimir Putin may turn out to be the most watched interview in history, with now well over a billion views), that the intelligence agencies of the United States prevented and blockaded him from conducting that interview for three years. Now, consider: if Carlson had in fact conducted that interview in 2021, and the American people and others would have heard, directly from Putin, what he actually thought at that time, would it still have been possible to mislead the Anglosphere into supporting the “Russia-Ukraine war,” and its NATO-wide “financial nuclear war”—a war which may now extend to the stealing from Russia of $300 billion in assets?

Of course, the Global South has no such illusion about “the war between the democracies and the autocracies.” Brazilian President Lula has made that clear as recently as his trip to the African continent, his consultations with Egypt, and his speeches at the African Union summit in Addis Ababa. The tiny nation of Yemen is now about to be confronted by a European-wide naval action against it—apparently the United States and Britain were not enough—and Africa and Asia, China and Russia note what is happening. There is a difference between force and power.

In New York City this past Sunday, Feb. 18, an international gathering took action to defend, and to activate the American Presidency for the General Welfare. New York Independent candidate for the United States Senate Diane Sare, and Independent candidate for New York’s 15th Congressional District, José Vega, gathered just under 300 supporters of their campaigns, in a meeting that featured speakers and participants from Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and several U. S.states. This was the actual composition of what originally founded the United States, and, on the eve of the 250th anniversary of its revolutionary birth, it is important to recall this.

The United States is not, even now, that against which it fought its own revolution. The nation, however, suffers from a fear-induced amnesia about what the duties—not rights, but duties—of each citizen are. When the institutions of self-government and their leaders fail, the American Declaration of Independence requires the American citizen to intervene to “alter or to abolish” the wrongful course of his government’s actions, and the “long train of abuses” that threaten the life, liberty and happiness of the citizens of this, or any other nation. The people of the United States cannot enjoy their inalienable rights, if their institutions of government are willfully and with malice either committing, enabling, or allowing the mass execution of members of another sovereign nation or people. To regain one’s inalienable rights, it is necessary to perform one’s inalienable duties.

To end the present injustice, we can begin by circulating the proposal designed by the late United States Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, called “the Oasis Plan,” for a durable solution to the unnecessary fratricidal conflict in Southwest Asia, or if you prefer its British colonial conferred “slave name,” “the Middle East.” The mass circulation, especially by youth, of the Oasis Plan, can, at this moment, literally save lives in Gaza. This must be accompanied by interventions upon a United States Congress that is hostage to its own spectacular corruption, through lobbyists and “Anthony Weiner-style” blackmail. This must be accompanied by street actions, “teach-ins” involving from 3-5 people to an entire campus, using the 15-minute video as the catalyst for discussion. This must be supplemented by resolutions passed by city councils and state legislatures, and by “naming the names” of the individuals associated with the companies, banks, cartels and military institutions, promoting and profiting from war. This includes the “secret government” compost heap of think tanks, foundations and international conferences, “the brightest guys in the room,” who, “Enron-style,” have brought the nation to the brink of destruction.

As the United States stands just over one year from the 250th anniversary of its Revolutionary birth, no candidates, other than the Independent candidacies of New York Senate candidate Diane Sare and New York Congressional candidate José Vega, are even discussing that fact. The reason is that others, no matter what their apparent station, are choosing to avoid walking in the shadow of responsibility cast by the Founders of this nation. That responsibility is to the future as history, the future expressed in the “Ten Principles for a New International Security and Development Architecture” composed by International Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche. Let us, then, agree to walk within the shadow of our forgotten ancestors, and repair and redeem ourselves, by choosing to courageously remember the real American Presidency, and the cause for which this nation was born.