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China Prepares To Launch New Satellites for Its Lunar Communications Constellation

In the first half of the year, China is preparing to launch its Queqiao-2 satellite, along with two other satellites Tiandu-1 and Tiandu-2, which will provide the basis for a communications system on the Moon, reported Space Daily portal. Queqiao-2 will be another relay satellite to enable lunar missions. Queqiao-1 enabled Mission Control to communicate with the rover on the far side of the Moon. Queqiao-2 and the two Tiandu satellites will further enhance that capability. The satellites will be placed in lunar orbit. Tiandu-1, weighing 61 kg, is outfitted with a Ka dual-band communicator, a laser corner reflector, and a space router, making it a versatile tool for lunar exploration. Tiandu-2, at 15 kg, carries essential communication and navigation devices.

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