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China’s Global Times Warns Southwest Asia War Could Spread to Iran and Beyond

U.S. Troops. Credit: U.S. Army photo by Sgt. 1st Class Nicolas A. Cloward

Global Times published an editorial statement on Feb. 4 headlined “Why Does the U.S. Keep Creating Wars While Saying ‘Not Seeking’ Them?” which begins by noting that both the U.S. and Iran “have claimed that they have no intention of going to war with each other.” The Chinese daily continues:

“We have every reason to believe that this is true, but both sides are still moving closer and closer to direct conflict and even war.… What needs to be recognized is that the U.S. and Iran are geopolitical masters, but the situation is developing toward a possible direct conflict. If we allow this to develop, the situation in the region will take on an inherent momentum of self-accelerating deterioration. At that time, neither the U.S. nor Iran will be able to control the situation, and neither side can shape the pattern according to their will. Furthermore, the scope of the impact is not likely to be limited only between the U.S. and Iran, because any conflict in the Middle East has a very strong spillover effect.… The more the U.S. says it is not pursuing a conflict, the more it is plunged into one.”

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