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Did Ukraine’s GUR Attempt To Car Bomb U.S.'s Tucker Carlson?

An Iceland-based website, The Intel Drop posted a video yesterday, purportedly showing the confession of a 35-year-old Russian, who claims that he was hired by Ukraine’s GUR military intelligence to assassinate Tucker Carlson, prior to Carlson’s interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The man identifies himself as Vasiliev Pyotr Alexeyevich, born in 1988 in Podolsk (just south of Moscow). He says that he was recruited in November 2023 by Ukraine’s GUR and trained in “special communications, collecting and detonating explosive devices, and working with caches.” Then he reports that on Jan. 31, “I received a task from the curator to pick up an explosive device from a hiding place, and use it to blow up a car” in the “underground parking of the Four Seasons hotel in Moscow.” He would be paid $4,000.

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