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The European elites are trying to lock down the agenda of the next EU Commission in the direction of “green transition” and rearmament, in order to condition its policy independent from whoever wins the European elections in June.

Thus, they sent Mario Draghi to the Ecofin Council of EU economic and finance ministers, to lecture its Feb. 22-24 informal meeting in Ghent. Today Draghi repeated what he had already said at the Feb. 20 National Association for Business Economics, that European countries must invest massively in climate transition and rearmament. “Many profound changes have taken place in the last few years in the global economic order. These changes have a variety of consequences, one of which is clear is that we’ll have to invest an enormous amount in a relatively short time in Europe,” Draghi told them.

“I do not mean just government money, but private savings as well: how to mobilize private resources in a much higher way than the past,” Draghi explained, adding that he was “impatient” to discuss ways and means to do that.

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