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Fears Mounting Ahead of Israeli Invasion of Rafah

Fears continue to mount ahead of the announced Israeli invasion of Rafah. “There hasn’t been a safe place for Palestinians for months,” Ahmed Bayram, the Norwegian Refugee Council’s regional media and communications adviser, told Middle East Eye. “Even Rafah had come under bombardment repeatedly. The safe routes and zones that Israel unilaterally designated as it announced relocation orders have seen bloodshed and repeated attacks. Civilians have exhausted all options. Rafah was their last resort and now there is nowhere safe to flee to.”

Bayram warned that the system of providing humanitarian aid itself is at risk of collapse, particularly with Israel flouting the ICJ order prohibiting it from blocking aid operations. “Amidst insufficient aid supplies crossing Rafah, Israeli bombardment of areas close to aid operations put the entire aid system at risk of suspension and collapse,” said Bayram. “Israeli operations have drawn nearer to heavily populated shelters. We are fearing the worst if Israel’s plan goes ahead.”

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