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FLASH: U.S. Began Airstrikes in Syria Friday Night in Retaliation for Jan. 28 Attack on U.S. Base in Jordan

Photo by Jeff Kingma / Unsplash

Major news media reported this afternoon that the U.S. has begun airstrikes in the Middle East “likely against Iran-backed militants for a drone strike on an American base in Jordan last Sunday [Jan. 28] that killed three U.S. service members” in Jordan, reported ABC. According to the Resistance News Network Telegram channel, several airstrikes targeted sites in Ayyash, Al-Mayadin, and Al-Bukamal in eastern Syria and near the Iraqi border. Preliminary reports indicate it is an American attack. Local sources report at least three martyrs.

Another Telegram channel, called Geopolitics Live, citing Al Hadath TV, reported that the strikes came in three waves hitting targets in Deir Ezzor province. The same channel cites Al Jazeera reporting the deaths of six IRGC advisers, two Iranian journalists and four Iranian citizens, as a result of the U.S. strikes.