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German Farmers Block Food and Gasoline/Diesel Depots

In several regions of Germany in the past days, tractors rolled out and blockaded food depots of the big supermarket chains like Edeka. Farmers blocked the warehouses of two food companies in the Schwalm-Eder district in northern Hesse. The action, in which 50 tractors were involved, began Monday morning, Feb. 19 and lasted into Feb. 20. A similar blockade by farmers in front of the Edeka central warehouse in Lauenau in northwestern Germany, which began Feb. 18, Sunday evening with 60 tractors, ended last night.

Several protest actions by farmers and craftsmen have caused restrictions in East Brandenburg. On Feb. 19, for example, they blocked fuel depots in Uckermark and Barnim for several hours, as well as the entrance to the PCK site in Schwedt with the refinery, protesting against high fuel prices, with 50 tractors involved.

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