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Greek Editorial Warns, ‘Euro-bomb’ Will Bring Europe to ‘Brink of Nuclear War’

An editorial in the leading Greek financial daily, Naftemporiki, warns the ongoing talk of a “Euro-bomb” by German officials will bring Europe to the “brink of nuclear war.” The daily’s Editor-in-Chief Michalis Psylos first cites recent statements by Germany’s Chief of Staff (Inspector General) of the Bundeswehr Gen. Carsten Breuer and Defense Minister Boris Pistorius on how Germany must prepare for war in five years. He then cites Germany’s new defense policy paper on how “Germany must be the backbone of deterrence and collective defense in Europe” and how Breuer calls for a “change of mentality” in the German population. He even cites a German professor saying “We need a common suitcase with a red button that travels between major EU countries.”

Psylos goes on: “This also includes the possible arming of Germany or the EU with nuclear weapons. A ‘Euro-bomb,’ the ‘Green’ ex-Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer demanded neither more nor less. ‘Europe must arm itself with its own nuclear weapons. It needs its own nuclear deterrents,’ emphasized the 76-year-old Green politician. No surprise, of course, if we remember that in 1999 Fischer was in favor of the NATO bombing of the former Yugoslavia and the truly `Green’ supporters threw a bag of red paint at him!”

“Unfortunately, the debate on the EU’s nuclear equipment is not run in some basement by far-right, warmongering lunatics dreaming of a `Fourth Reich.’

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