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Greenwald Exposes VoxCheck in Report on the Outrage of Western Media over Navalny

On Glenn Greenwald’s “System Update” yesterday, he cited the role of VoxCheck (VoxUkraine) in targeting Americans as alleged Putin operatives. His headline story, “Navalny’s Death Exploited by the West, as Assange Faces Final Extradition Appeal,” covered the over-the-top media coverage expressing outrage at Navalny’s death.  In it, he contrasted the voluminous coverage in the Western media over Navalny’s death, in contrast to the lack of media outrage about the treatment of Julian Assange, with serious health problems in Britain’s high-security Belmarsh prison, or Gonzalo Lira, an American journalist who died last month in a Ukrainian prison. Assange, who has not been charged in Britain, has been held in the maximum security HM Prison Belmarsh for four years, as he rejects U.S. demand for his extradition.

In this context, Greenwald gave a short report on the Ukrainian regime, which, while receiving massive aid from the U.S., targets Americans for their opposition to Kiev, which slanders these opponents as Putin operatives. Such blacklists have been interpreted by Kiev’s Military Intelligence Directorate (GUR) and its Internal Security (SBU) as legitimate targets for elimination.

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