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IAEA's Grossi Tells EU, Sanctioning Russia's Nuclear Fuel Cripples Europe

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Rafael Grossi while briefing European Union foreign ministers on Iran’s program to enrich uranium, was asked the question of the day: What about possible sanctions against Russia’s nuclear industry? According to Reuters, he responded: “Many companies in the West depend on Russian supplies—enriched uranium or fuel. The consensus is [that] sanctioning Rosatom would not be realistic and it’s impractical. It would put the nuclear industry at a standstill in many countries.” In fact, even attempting to “reduce dependence” on Russian nuclear fuel would primarily cost the EU.

Grossi also broke the news to them: “Frankly, I see an increased presence of Russian uranium enrichment capabilities in the world rather than a decrease.” Russia’s state-owned nuclear energy giant, Rosatom, owns nearly 50% of uranium enrichment infrastructure in the world, and it accounted for almost 36% of the world’s exports in 2022. Almost 20% of the US’s nuclear fuel is from Russia.

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