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Israel Pledges to Escalate Fighting Against Hezbollah

Amidst discussions of hostage deals and ceasefires, Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant made clear that any potential “pause” in fighting in Gaza will not slow down Israel’s bloodlust and war. Speaking at Israel’s Northern Command base over the weekend, Gallant said: “We are planning to increase the intensity of fire against Hezbollah, which is unable to find replacements for the commanders we are eliminating,” Gallant said. “In the event of a temporary truce in Gaza—we will increase the fire in the north independently, and will continue until the full withdrawal of Hezbollah and the return of the residents to their homes.”

Then on Monday, Israeli jets made three air strikes on Lebanon, the first air strikes made against that country since the Gaza war began. The strikes were made just outside of a town called Baalbek, 62 miles north of the border with Israel, and hit a logistics warehouse that allegedly delivered food across the region. It was done in response to Hezbollah shooting down an Israeli drone over south Lebanon, according to an Israeli statement. At least two people were killed in the strikes.