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Israeli General Points to Privatization Chaos in Gaza Operation

Retired IDF Maj. Gen. Itzhak Brik charged that because of privatization, Israeli military logistics is in total chaos, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is more interested in staying in power than in the security of Israel. “There is a total mess that’s not being talked about in the media,” Brik, a veteran of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War and the 1982 Lebanon War, told Maariv on Feb. 24, reported Sputnik. “Behind our excellent soldiers, there is total chaos. Equipment, logistics, food, everything that needs to be moved forward is not working properly, because the army has entrusted everything to private companies.”

Brik said he has met with Netanyahu six times since the start of the crisis. “I told him that the army is not ready to immediately go to war, because there are soldiers who have not trained for five years and there’s a shortage of equipment.”

Brik said it was his personal intervention that pushed the IDF to postpone its invasion of Gaza for two weeks.

Slamming the prime minister, he went on: “Today, Netanyahu has very radical people in his coalition who threaten him and say that if he doesn’t go in their direction, they will dismantle the government, and the government is more important to him than the country. This is our main problem.”

The lack of proper training has not only led to high Israeli casualties but also to high civilian casualties among Palestinians, as untrained soldiers tend to be trigger happy.

No doubt the rabid free marketer Netanyahu pushed for privatization.