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LaRouche's Fifty-Year History for Peace in Southwest Asia

Lyndon LaRouche, author of the Oasis Plan. EIRNS/Stuart Lewis

Efforts by the LaRouche movement to achieve a lasting peace and new paradigm for development in Southwest Asia precede by many years the July 1990 publication of the “Oasis Plan,” the subject of a newly released video by The LaRouche Organization.

“The objective basis for a [Middle East] settlement is the economic-development package we have indicated,” LaRouche wrote in an August 1977 article in the newsletter Israel and Palestine. “Any other approach will fail, will be quickly degraded into farce—and probable war. However, it is not mere material advantage in itself which provides the basis for peace. It is the fact that a commitment of the governments to realize high rates of scientific and technological progress fosters humanist outlooks.”

A timeline of interventions such as this one are collected in an article published in EIR in 1993, “A Chronology of LaRouche’s Attempts To Achieve a Lasting Mideast Peace.” It is well worth reading!

Harley Schlanger presented the chronology of LaRouche and the LaRouche movement’s efforts for development as the name for Middle East peace in The LaRouche Organization’s regular Saturday broadcast of the Manhattan Project Meeting on Oct. 21 2023.