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Mexican Youth Meet South African Ambassador, Deliver Support from LaRouche Youth Worldwide

A delegation of three Mexican youth from the Schiller Institute were received by South Africa’s Ambassador to Mexico, Her Excellency Beryl Rose Sisulu, and members of her staff at South Africa’s Embassy in Mexico City today. The youth expressed their gratitude for the leadership which South Africa has taken in the battle to stop the genocide being carried out against Palestine, informing her about the “International LaRouche Youth Movement Statement in Support of South Africa,” issued by some 100 youth from over 20 countries after their international dialogue with Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche on Jan. 20.

The youth also gave the Ambassador a copy of The LaRouche Organization pamphlet, “Peace through Development for Palestine and Israel: LaRouche’s Oasis Plan,” and discussed the importance of cooperation on nuclear energy and desalination of water, and the development of industry for the whole region.

They also spoke of how the development of the BRICS countries is generating a new paradigm in the world economy with its win-win vision, and shared their view that the Global South is the Global Majority now, so, the Global North should collaborate with it for the good of all nations and the end of all the wars. When they spoke on the subject of the BRICS, the Ambassador strongly agreed on its importance, and that more and more countries are showing interest in joining it.

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