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Michigan Legislator Introduces Bill Condemning Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece last weekend which was a bitterly defamatory and racist hit piece against an area of the country currently expressing strong resistance to Washington’s greenlighting of Israel’s war against Gaza. Titled: “Welcome to Dearborn, America’s Jihad Capital,” the Feb. 2 Journal op-ed has sparked a major blowback.

In addition to comments by both President Biden and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer defending Dearborn, Michigan State Rep. Alabas Farhat has introduced legislation condemning the Wall Street Journal article and demanding that they issue a retraction and apology. The article was designed to stoke “fear and paranoia about Michiganders in the minds of his readers,” the legislation says. “The Wall Street Journal has failed in its journalistic responsibility and must be held accountable for any harm inflicted directly by the article or by those it radicalizes.”

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