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There has been a growing debate in Germany about the need for a Eurobomb and even nuclear armed Germany. It would all seem very absurd, were it not for the fact that the world is already at the brink of nuclear war. Not to mention that these would-be Dr. Strangeloves have little if any idea of the implications of what they are proposing.

Last Dec. 3, former Green party leader and former Foreign Minister Joshka Fischer told Zeit Online: The EU needs “its own nuclear deterrent,” to deter Russia. On the same day the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, under the title “What Will Europe Do if Trump Wins?” and on Dec. 10 Welt am Sonntag, argued that the election of Donald Trump could mean the end of the U.S. nuclear umbrella and therefore Europe needed its own nuclear umbrella.

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