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Naryshkin: Washington and London Concerned Kiev Is Out of Control

The head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergei Naryshkin, claims that the West was preparing to send a “special envoy” to Kiev to control the direction of policy in a very tumultuous situation. The project is being urged on the G7 by the United States and Great Britain, according to SVR data. Naryshkin said that the envoy would have direct access to Zelenskyy and knowledge of all his plans. “The special envoy will also have to block the steps of the Ukrainian leadership not agreed with Washington and London, instead offering correct solutions, from the point of view of the Anglo-Saxons,” Naryshkin was quoted as saying by an Italian press agency, Agenzia Nova. The purpose is to keep the Ukrainian situation from blowing up in the Anglosphere’s face, given the increasing moves by some parts of the government to move toward negotiations with Russia.

“Considering an increasingly difficult situation at the front, difficulties with mobilization and hitches with obtaining Western military assistance, many Ukrainians began to recognize the inevitability of Moscow’s achievement of the goals of the special military operation,” Naryshkin continued. According to the Russian secret services, Washington and London “are afraid of being betrayed by many representatives of the Kiev elite,” who are moving “in advance to the side of the future winners.” Naryshkin added, “Another crude attempt by the West to increase the enslavement of the Ukrainian people close to us cannot but cause concern. At the same time, there is a high probability that the implementation of the idea of appointing a ‘governor’ in Ukraine will not lead to the results desired by the United States and Great Britain,” he said.

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