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Neo-Nazi Group Claims Collaborators inside Navalny's Prison

The Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC) of neo-Nazi Denis Nikitin posted online on Feb. 20 that they had developed a plot last fall to launch an attack against the Russian authorities last December, as Russia was to convey Alexei Navalny to his Siberian penal colony. RVC had planned to free him and bring him to Ukraine.

RVC claimed that they had collaborators within the Russian prison system who were coordinating with them, but said the plan had failed as the “date and time of the transfer were postponed several times.” When Russia’s Federal Penitentiary Service and the Federal Security Service (FSB) initiated the transfer, it “began suddenly … and our group didn’t have time to move to the area of the planned start of the operation.”

Of note, they go on to claim contact with prisoners and prison personnel in Navalny’s last prison at the time of his death. Supposedly, they were working with them to attempt to free Navalny, no easy project. The RVC’s Feb. 20 proclamation states: “At the date of Alexey’s death, the plan was in the process” to break him out of the compound. To support their claim, they posted evidence of their inside connections: video footage of Navalny from the prison’s security cameras, said to have been provided by prison employees; a still shot of Navalny in a work area; documents to which they gained access; a “transcript of Alexey’s communication with other prisoners, with whom we also established contact to obtain data useful during the operation…. We provide this data to the public” to show that the “dogs of the regime should know that the Russian Volunteer Corps has long arms. We know and can do a lot, and our resources are growing every day. Many of those who work in the system share our ideals and vision of the future, which means they will help us selflessly and [one] will not be able to intimidate them.”

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