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Interviewed on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was absolutely unrepentant about the amount of slaughter Israeli forces had caused. While he indicated that he had agreed to continued talks to achieve a possible pause in the operations and allow humanitarian aid to get to the Palestinians, he was adamant that on-the-ground operations would be carried out and that they could last weeks, if not months. He also indicated that he would be prepared to do that even in the face of opposition from the U.S. government, claiming he had the support of the Israeli people, despite the mass demonstrations, because of last week’s Knesset vote, which he said voted 99-9 that “We have to win the war, have total victory, but also not have an international dictate of a Palestinian state—shoved down our throats that would endanger Israel.” He shrugged off Margaret Brennan’s comments about the massive demonstrations in Israel against him, saying “Israel is a democracy. We’ve had protests for 30 years.”

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