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New LaRouche Organization Video: ‘The Oasis Plan—LaRouche's Solution for the Middle East’

The LaRouche Organization on Feb. 10 released a beautiful new video, “The Oasis Plan—LaRouche’s Solution for the Middle East.” The 14-minute production is narrated by Jason Ross, TLO spokesman and science liaison. He presents the history, geopolitics and economic geography of the Palestine-Israel and greater region, outlining concretely, with maps and illustrations, elements of the technologies, funding, and integration into the LaRouche “World Land-Bridge template” that must take place as the “path for progress” and peace. Ross concludes by asking, “How about you? WIll you act to give meaning to the lives of those who have perished? Will you be a voice for peace and development?”

The TLO weekly letter today, announcing the video, states: “While a ceasefire and peace negotiations are urgently needed between Israel and Palestine, this conflict is the result of a much larger and longer-term problem. As Lyndon LaRouche repeatedly stressed, bringing peace to the Middle East requires bringing economic development and eliminating the neocolonial architectures which have kept certain nations and peoples down for centuries.

“This beautiful new video by the LaRouche Organization illustrates the amazing potential of this region—one that must be the cornerstone of any successful peace process.”