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New York Times Feature on U.S.-Ukraine Intel Relationship Reveals Only a Mere Slice

A lengthy feature in the national Sunday New York Times today details the time-line of the establishment of the CIA-Ukraine collaboration, from before 2014. The article starts from a relatively late date in the history of Anglo-American subversive operations in Ukraine, but provides some details which are undoubtedly accurate. The writers claimed that they had spoken with over 200 participants in the operations. The intent seems to be to strengthen the U.S. Congress resolve to support the Kiev regime, underlining the important role this longterm and sometimes complicated relationship plays in U.S. counter-surveillance operations against Russia.

They state that it would have also been clear to Russian intelligence services by 2021 that the extent of the CIA presence in Ukraine as a source of intelligence and spies (Ukrainians can make better contacts with Russians than Americans can) was such that it was the “spearhead” of a CIA-MI6 intelligence penetration of Russia, and, by that time, the U.S. and Great Britain were calling the shots.

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