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Pax Christi International Supports ICJ Decision, but Calls for Enforcement Now

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Pax Christi International issued a statement January 31, applauding the International Court of Justice’s Jan. 26 decision regarding genocide in Gaza, but stating that the ICJ’s measures need to be enforced now and that a halt to the flow of weapons is needed. The Pax Christi statement says,

“While it applauds the decision by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Pax Christi International remains steadfast in its call for an immediate ceasefire and the safe return of all hostages. The staggering loss of life and unfathomable misery visited upon the innocent Gazan population, nearly half of whom are children, must end now.

“In a legally binding order, the ICJ requires Israel to:

“1. take all measures to ensure that acts deemed genocidal under the Genocide Convention do not take place in Gaza;

“2. ensure that its military does not commit genocidal acts;

“3. prevent and punish genocide incitement and rhetoric;

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