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Tucker Carlson’s tour to Moscow to interview the Russian President has certainly caused more fur to fly in officialdom than anything else in a long time. However during the actual interview, President Vladimir Putin gave Carlson a master class in statesmanship, as well as offering a remarkable window for the isolated United States population to catch a glimpse out into the rest of the world.

In one particularly poignant section, Putin described multiple instances where an agreement seemed promising during discussions with different American Presidents, agreements which would then be withdrawn after secret discussions with advisors. That led Putin at one point to lament: “Who’s there to talk to? I just don’t understand. We’re ready to talk, but with whom?” There didn’t seem to be anyone with whom Russia could transparently discuss their relations.

Putin insisted that Russia emphatically wants to work with the West and the United States, and has repeatedly attempted to do so, yet there is an unexplained resistance from within the circles of power. Despite that, he never once expressed the view that the door is closed to a future relationship with the West, and in fact ridiculed the belief that resolving all issues through this kind of oppression will maintain the West’s spot at the table. The world is changing, he said: “This will keep happening, it is like the rise of the Sun—you cannot prevent the Sun from rising, you have to adapt to it.”

In opposition to such secrecy and double-dealing, the world must come out of what he called a “period of severe disease.” Carlson had asked Putin about the world breaking into two parts, to which he responded:

“Listen, you have said that the world is breaking into two hemispheres. A human brain is divided into two hemispheres: one is responsible for one type of activities, the other one is more about creativity and so on. But it is still one and the same head. The world should be a single whole, security should be shared, rather than meant for the ‘golden billion.’ That is the only scenario where the world could be stable, sustainable and predictable. Until then, while the head is split into two parts, it is an illness, a serious adverse condition. It is a period of a severe disease that the world is now going through.”

EIR will cover the entire interview more in the coming days, but anyone interested should certainly view the entire thing on the Tucker Carlson Network.