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Romanian Army Chief Tells Population To Prepare for War

Romanian Army Chief Gen. Gheorghita Vlad has echoed calls made by other NATO leaders for the country to prepare itself for war against Russia. In an interview with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty on Feb. 1, Gen. Vlad said that, “Yes, the population of Romania, like the entire population of the European Union, of Europe, must be concerned” for the eventuality of a war with Russia. That has become an increasingly common view being repeated throughout NATO countries: That Russia will be a threat for years to come, and European citizens must prepare themselves for war.

“Personally, though not necessarily as a career soldier, I consider that the Russian Federation will not stop there [in Ukraine],” Vlad said. “If it wins in Ukraine, its next main target will be Moldova. We’ll see tensions in the Western Balkans as well. I’m more than convinced that [Russian] President [Vladimir] Putin will escalate his policies in the immediate future.”

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