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Saudi Newspaper Features Chicago City Council Vote for Ceasefire in Gaza

The Arab News carried as its second leading news item Feb. 1 an article entitled, “Chicago’s Mayor Casts Tie-Breaking Vote to Ensure Passing of ‘Humanitarian Ceasefire’ Gaza Resolution,” which reports on the Chicago City Council voting by 24 to 23 to pass a resolution calling for a “humanitarian ceasefire,” aimed at halting the continued massacre of civilians in the Gaza Strip. Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson cast the decisive, tie-breaking vote. Chicago is America’s third-largest city, population 2.70 million.

The prominent coverage in the Saudi Arabian press is an example of international crossfire, showing that positive outcomes organized in the West, especially the United States, are closely watched and do have an effect in the Arab world and Southwest Asia. The Saudi-based Arab News is owned by Prince Turki bin Salman Al Saud, the brother of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

The excellent slug in the Jan. 31 Morning Briefing presents the full picture of the months-long brawl on the ceasefire resolution in the Chicago City Council, titled “United for Peace.” A coalition of organizations across the country met in Chicago just three weeks ago for an emergency summit hosted by Jesse Jackson’s organization, Rainbow PUSH. The event brought together interfaith leaders, peace leaders, civil rights leaders and other organizers to have a serious dialogue on how to actually achieve peace in Gaza, with this Chicago resolution as a highlighted focus. Thousands of Chicago students were mobilized for the resolution (see Feb. 1 briefing).

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