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Saudis and Egyptians Warn Israel Against Invasion of Rafah

Message from Israel Military tell Rafah residents to relocate immediately. IDF X page

On the eve of a planned invasion by Israel into the southern Gaza city of Rafah, on Egypt’s border, Israel’s neighbors have issued stark warnings in opposition. The Saudi Foreign Ministry warned that this would have extremely dangerous repercussions. “Invading Rafah… which is the last refuge for hundreds of thousands of civilians whom the brutal Israeli aggression displaced will have [grave] consequences,” the Kingdom’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement, reported Al Arabiya.

The statement also reaffirmed the Kingdom’s “rejection and strong condemnation of forcibly” displacing people, and renewed its call for “an immediate ceasefire.”

“This [continuous] violation of international law and international humanitarian laws [makes it] necessary for the [United Nations] Security Council to hold an urgent session to prevent Israel from causing an imminent humanitarian catastrophe whom everyone who supports the aggression will be responsible for,” the Ministry asserted.

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