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Serbian President Asks, Where Is the Concern for Peace?

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has raised concerns about the lack of any serious discussion of the need for peace in world forums where it should be the topic of discussion. In an interview with [TASS]( published today, Vucic reported on his recent experience at the Feb. 16-18 Munich Security Conference, which he said he has often attended to get a sense of different opinions, to “hear how the Western world thinks” and to learn what innovative and inventive solutions are being discussed to “establish peace.”

But this year, he said, there was not much to be found by way of innovation or inventiveness. “This time I saw a lot, but I am afraid that there were not enough conclusions to come up with innovative and inventive solutions to establish peace. It seems to me that the word `peace’ has become an unloved and unwanted word in the world.” The conference participants, he ventured, were really more like “football fans.”

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