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Spanish Independent Truckers Declare Indefinite Strike

On the fifth day of farmer protests led by the newly-formed “6F Platform” in Spain, hundreds of independent truckers joined farmers in a joint protest rally in front of the Metropolitana stadium in Madrid on Feb. 10. The truckers made it official there that they are going on an indefinite strike until the government agrees to meet with them and solve their problems. The truckers group, named the “National Platform To Defend the Transport Sector,” does not represent the majority of truckers, but its 20-day strike in March 2022 by the independent truckers and small transport companies it represents, collapsed parts of Spain’s manufacturing and left supermarket shelves empty.

While nationally protests by the 6F group cut highways and surrounded big food distribution sites as well in at least five of Spain’s Autonomous Communities, in a nice touch, some 600 farmers took their protest to the sidewalks outside the gala Goya Awards ceremony (Spain’s version of the Academy Awards) in Valladolid, disturbing the bubble of the attending glitterati.

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